To prevent disruptions that may cause the deterioration of business peace in the company and distract the company from its goals, to create a harmonious and efficient working environment, to set out the rules and obligations that employees must comply with, to define the processes to be followed in case of attitudes, behaviours and events that violate or violate the rules within the scope of the regulation, to ensure a disciplined business environment that respects each other's rights and prioritises the peace of society.
All employees are covered by this procedure.
Responsibilities for the implementation of the procedure are as follows:
* Human Resources, implementation of the procedure, follow-up and use of authorisation;
* The highest level managers representing the units are responsible for transferring the rules within the scope of this regulation to the people working in their teams, monitoring the implementation and making warnings when necessary, and informing the Human Resources Department if they realise the need to update the procedure;
* The Disciplinary Board is responsible for acting in accordance with the rules of the regulation during the decision-making process and for the confidentiality of the files received by the board.
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